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rial lasting two weeks at Cardiff Crown Court. The court stipulated that he should serve at least 18 years of the sentence.Durin


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g the trial, the court was told that the victim, a 24-year-old Chinese post-graduate student, Bi Xixi, suffered a 'vicious, sustai

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ned and prolonged attack' in August 2016, during which she incurred 41 injuries, including a broken jaw, broken ribs, and extens

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ive bruising.Matthews admi▓tted manslaughter but denied murder, telling the police that he had 'been horrible' to Bi, after he saw

a message from another man called Ben on a dating app on Bi's mobile phone.A subsequent in▓vestigation found his girlfriend didn't have▓ such an a

pp on her phone, and there was no one called Be▓n among her contacts.Handing down the sentence, Judge Davies, said that Bi ha▓d provided Matthews with a home, clothing, and had even bought a car for him. He said the assau▓lt was the "tragic culmination" of a number of months of physical and verbal abuse."You

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rother, the student's▓ family said the girl was expected to go on to run their fa▓mily's multimillion-pound

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company and had a bright future wi▓th the "whole world in front of her".Born in e▓ast China's Nanjing city, Bi Xixi moved t▓o Oxford at the age of 15 to